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– Mama, who’s arrived? – Asks Casper seeing a column of bikes entering our camping. There is about 20-30 young people who will soon break down tents at the campground, and then prepare a bonfire and food, and then play around building a totem / small cottage and other social […]

Inspiring encounters

Let me admit it – before this trip, during so called „normal” life we sometimes had small fights with my hubby. About small and unimportant things. But I’ve noticed with surprize that for some time now we do not fight at all.. During a long-term trip like ours it’s not […]

Relationship up-side-down

hey, guys, we’ve been on the road for 102 days! that’s the longest I’ve travelled so far. my longest trip lasted 89 days and during the last days of that trip I got so homesick.. But that was when I was travelling alone and my family was my mom and […]

the less time, the more action

A travel budget is a very good strategy. You sum up your monthly incomes plus a fraction of your savings and then break it into days. Then you know how much you should spend a day. Of course we did it and were proud to announce that we travel on […]

I love to ruin our budget!