I love to ruin our budget! 2

A travel budget is a very good strategy. You sum up your monthly incomes plus a fraction of your savings and then break it into days. Then you know how much you should spend a day.
Of course we did it and were proud to announce that we travel on 65usd a day! Lovely!
But then comes the reality. You can make it for a month or two, but then your clothes wear out, you arrive to an expensive must-see destination (like Galalpagos or Nazca), you have health issues, you want to spoil your kids, you have fads.. In short you excess your budget. Not once, a number of times actually…
Well, that is what we do continually and we feel guilty about. So we just started to think about the ways to get more money for the trip rather than to fight over every sole spent in Peru. We know now that we’ll go back home with a debt to pay back. We know that we’ll need more income to travel on a long run. We’re figuring out the ways to do that. Small jobs, family loans, sale of stuff at home…
So after a number of disputes and calculations we decided that we need to feel sort of comfortable during the trip. Fads are allowed. Not wild camping all the time, Lego blocks once every 2-3 months, new jeans for mama after 3 months of travelling.. you know, that stuff: ) Let all family members be spoilt for now and work it back when at home…
We’ll get you posted on that, too!

Planning vs. reality

Planning vs. reality

  • witajcie kochani! super sie Was czyta i tak wpadlo mi do glowy, ze mozecie troche zaoszczedzic poprzez pomoc w roznego typu miejscach. czy znacie helpx, woofing i workaway? mozna trafic na naprawde wspanialych ludzi i ciekawe projekty. buziaki i pozdrwienia, zazdroszcze troche!!!! :))))

    • basiaggg

      Hej Paulina, dobre pomysly, myslelismy o tym, zamierzalismy, ale.. stwierdzilismy, ze lepiej jechac dalej, wydawac kase, nawet zadluzyc sie ale zobaczyc jak najwiecej, a Poltem odrabiac straty 🙂 A na marginesie helpx czy woofing wcale nie wychodza tak tanio, zwlaszcza jak zglasza sie 5 osob, a pracowac moze tylko jedna (druga przy „pieluchach”)