the less time, the more action

hey, guys, we’ve been on the road for 102 days! that’s the longest I’ve travelled so far. my longest trip lasted 89 days and during the last days of that trip I got so homesick.. But that was when I was travelling alone and my family was my mom and my brother waiting at home. Now I have my family with me and surprisingly I’m not so homesick this time.

we’ve now got more or less stable. well, to the degree you can be when constantly on the road. After the first month of travelling with backpacks on buses (or planes / boats) we got our „dodgy” (dodge ram 250) and needed to get used to this way of travelling. we’ve changed many things in the car, both inside (home utilities) and in the car itself (gas system, new breaks, new shock absorbers and a number of small parts). we’ve spent many days camping „wild”, some days staying in hostels, others in our flat in Lima.

Now we’re back on moving day by day. . We know that we need a nice camping site every few days to scrub our bodies, we need to travel very slowly, we can see one, maximum two things a day. We need to cook at home and be very patient with our kids. We wake up very early (6-7am) but set off rather late (10am) and look for a place to stay overnight around 5-6pm. We need to find a playground every second day and take time to put our kids to sleep. Our private time starts around 9pm, if we last so long 🙂

Surprizingly that strict plan and the lack of private time makes me cherish moments and use time if I have any. The truth is that the less time you have, the more you do. So I squeeze in between seats my little sketch book and paints, use dim cabin light and try to draw / paint / write something. And it works even better than at home!

Here you can see my working place from yesterday

Jak rysuje w aucie

Jak rysuje w aucie

And here’s the result

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