Things I miss when travelling / things I love when travelling

There’s a few things I miss when travelling. Of course it depends on the sort of travelling you do. We are now in our small motorhome, travelling through South America and the things I miss basically come down to:
1. hot shower every day (what I get is a shower usually every second / third day and it’s not always hot..)
2. big and comfy bed –  5 of us have to fit into our small dodge ram 250, and since Kaja, my little girl, still wakes up during the night I have the most uncomfortable bed imaginable – a matress on the floor with prompt access to kitchen and kids at night 🙂
3. my mother’s cooking, or rather my mother’s place – her cooking, our conversations, her fun with my kids, her worrying about me etc. I have two homes – one is with my hubby and the kids, the other when I go back to my mum. Miss it soooo much…
there are so many things I love about travelling that it’s hard to write it down! It seems that I love almost everythig about it. I love places we visit – not always perfect, but intriguing, beautiful or just interesting. Even more I love people we meet on the way. That refers to both locals, travelers or friends, which inspire me and make me want more! And I love all sort of thoughts and feelings that come to me when travelling.
I’ve also noticed a huge change in our family. We are much closer now, since we need each other 🙂 Kacper and Konrad, my sons, need the company of each other to play together. They’ve learnt to share things, stand other’s behaviour, be the best friend of the other and even protect one another. We all need Andrew, my husband, to fix the things in the car and be reponsible for the road directions. They all obviously need me, I’m „the mum”. Kaja is our „muneca” (doll) and all people around come to us because she’s so cute and beautiful.
Our kids change over the time. They’ve started using English and Spanish. They’re not shy and approach people easily. Since we spend all the time with them we have more influence on them and they now started to think and act differently. We use all the possibilities to talk to them about the culture, history, customs, nature of the places we visit and they listen to it. That refelects in the sort of games they place, their thoughts and questions they ask. They’ve learnt to be patient to get things, to have little toys, to be hungry sometimes and wait for food, to understand that other things have priority, not to panic if something bad happens and so on.
What is more interesting is that this change did not come in the thirst two months of our travels. I can see it only now. After we’ve been 3 months on the road small changes start to be visible. In all members of the family…

so I love all about travelling and the things I miss I… try not to miss so much 🙂

things I miss when travelling